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0000186JEDI Code LibraryJclSysInfopublic2005-02-16 01:31
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Summary0000186: Exception in GetBiosName and GetBiosExtendedInfo
DescriptionI have D6pe and Win2000. When I try to call GetBiosName or GetBiosExtendedInfo while running in the IDE i get an exception every time.
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has duplicate 0000188 closedmthoma GetBiosName, etc.. 
has duplicate 0000231 closedmthoma program crashes when tries to use function GetBIOSExtendedInfo and others under windows2000 profesiona 



2002-07-19 09:56

developer   ~0000241

GetBiosDate works fine for me.
[reporter: croberts at]


2002-07-19 10:01

reporter   ~0000242

What JVCL release do You use?
Is it 1.32 or 2.00alpha?


2002-07-20 01:03

reporter   ~0000248


Report it in Project JEDI - Issue Tracker - Code Library

2002-07-20 01:45 (3,017 bytes)


2002-07-20 01:48

reporter   ~0000249

Read 2 reg-files i attached.
They are dumps of registry under Win200 and Win98.

So - If You really need this - plz, make a component, which will return the values You need - and donate it to JVCL.

Those fn's GetBiosName, etc - they are written for pure DOS and Win16.

They always lead to exception under Win98 or Win2000, D5 or D6, In IDE or Standalone. The only matter of fact - do You see it or not.

I vote these dirty functions to be removed from JCL.


2002-07-25 14:17

developer   ~0000314

I agree that the implementation is not good.

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