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0001861JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-06-25 05:00
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Summary0001861: JvUpDown: Increment value is not kept, and resets to 1
DescriptionUsing the Object inspector and setting TjvUpDown.Increment to a large value ec. 15000. It is lost during a F9, ctrl+F9 and resets to 1.
Setting the value in code gives the same result, not as often though.
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2004-06-15 00:15

viewer   ~0004558

If used on TabSheets, it is reproduceable.

Updowns(UD) on different Tabs, The UD on the Tab showing at compiletime will keep the value. The UD on another Tab will lose the information and have increment=1


2004-06-16 05:20



procedure TJvCustomUpDown.CreateWnd;
  cBase: array [TJvUpDownFormat] of Integer = (10, 16);
  OrigWidth: Integer;
  AccelArray: array [0..0] of TUDAccel;
  OrigWidth := Width;
  inherited CreateWnd;
  Width := OrigWidth;
  if FAssociate <> nil then
    SendMessage(Handle, UDM_SETBUDDY, FAssociate.Handle, 0);
  SendMessage(Handle, UDM_SETRANGE32, FMin, FMax);
  SendMessage(Handle, UDM_SETBASE, cBase[Format], 0);
  SendMessage(Handle, UDM_GETACCEL, 1, Longint(@AccelArray));
  AccelArray[0].nInc := FIncrement;
  SendMessage(Handle, UDM_SETACCEL, 1, Longint(@AccelArray));


2004-06-25 05:00


No reply, so assuming it works (already in CVS)

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