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0001868JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-07-24 01:55
ReporterzwiebljackAssigned Touser72 
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Summary0001868: JvXPBar does raise an exception on mouse move have some items in the JvXPBar and you move the mouse cursor over the last item (and then move the mouse direct away from the control). After this you delete the last item. If you go now with the mouse over the JvXPBar-control it raises an exeception (access violation)...

Additional InformationI inspected the source and noticed that in the method «HookMouseMove» use the variable «FHoverIndex» to set the index of item where the cursor hovers above at last.
This variable should be set to «-1» when the item with this index is going to be deleted, because the method tries to redraw the item with this index, which does not exist any more ... (-> access violation)
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2004-06-16 05:02


Which version ov JvXPBar do you have? I seem to remember this has already been fixed. Try getting the latest from CVS and see if it still causes errors.


2004-06-17 04:38

reporter   ~0004577

I searched the file «JvXPBar.pas» in the web based CVS Repository, but I could not find it. Are there all files available over the web-cvs, or will I need a local cvs-client to get the file?


2004-06-17 05:08

reporter   ~0004578

sorry, it is in the CVS Repository, I found it now.
I'll check it...
Thank You


2004-07-24 01:55


No reply for a long time so assuming it now works

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