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0001869JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-06-10 11:51
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0001869: AutoSize, BevelXXXX and ButtonFlat in edits (simple and db aware)
DescriptionMany of JVCL edit control hasnt AutoSize and BevelXXX (BevelEdges, BevelInner, BevelKind and BevelOuter) properties.

I dont remember in which Delphi version began the properties BevelXXXX but isnt all Delphi versions just add conditional compilation.
Additional InformationI can do it (as matter of fact I already change some of them in my copy) but I havent write access to CVS.
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2004-06-17 01:26


All controls have AutoSize but not all implement it (ie, nothing happens when you set it to true)

BevelXXX was introduced in the base TWinControl(?) in D6


2004-06-17 11:29

viewer   ~0004579

Hi Peter.
How we can work on this?


2004-06-17 23:45


> How we can work on this?
Well, basically you will have to tell us which controls you think would benefit from having AutoSize published. Publishing AutoSize when it does nothing will just generate reports about AutoSize not working, so it needs to be functional.

BevelXXX is more involved. You could make a list of those controls that could benefit from it as well. We would have to IFDEF them for +D6 only, though.

2004-06-18 10:49


JVCL-Edits.xls (18,432 bytes)


2004-06-18 10:53

viewer   ~0004586

I just upload the JVCL-Edits.xls file.
I check two pages only (Jv Edits and Jv Data Controls).
Each cell in yellow means that the propertie should be added.
Im not shure if it is possible to use "AutoSize" in TJvExCustomControl's based controls.
As I see, it will be easer to publish the BevelXXXX properties at JV root ancestor than in final controls.



2004-06-21 06:19


>As I see, it will be easer to publish the
>BevelXXXX properties at JV root
>ancestor than in final controls.
Maybe easier but certainly not very OO. Someone else will have to figure out how to deal with this since I don't have the time.


2004-06-21 10:25

viewer   ~0004595

I could do it (at "final" classes) but someone must commit the changes to CVS.


2004-08-03 07:39

administrator   ~0004900

Please provide us with a list of those components, we will look into it.


2006-06-10 11:51

administrator   ~0009569

Indicated components have been changed in SVN. Should there be other components requiring this, please open a new issue.

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