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0001880JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2004-06-22 10:21
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Summary0001880: JVCL Install fails with recommended JCL
DescriptionJVCL 3.0Beta: Install says: "JVCL requires that you also install the latest version of JCL (JEDI Code Library)."
OK, so did that. But turns out that JvJCLUtils calls CharIsNumber() from JclStrings, which was renamed *seven* versions ago to CharisNumberChar.
I realize it's because JCL changed after JVCL release (and why did they???), but it would be helpful if someone would leave a clue somewhere about this problem, because presumably *everyone* installing JVCL will hit it.
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2004-06-21 10:58

developer   ~0004596

JVCL 3 BETA is outdated and not compatible to the newest JCL release.

Please try a CVS snapshot from


2004-06-22 10:21

developer   ~0004598

Use CVS version of JVCL and JCL.

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