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0001904JEDI VCL04 Feature Requestpublic2004-07-24 13:53
ReportercpallAssigned Toobones 
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Summary0001904: jvOfficeColorPanel
DescriptionI'd like the ability to select a color with the right mouse button. I could tell which mouse button was clicked by the button value passed from the event.

I've already started working on this and will upload the source code when I am done. Perhaps we can do this as some sort of option to the component rather than default behavior.

I need this functionality to mimic what was going on in code syntax highlighting color selection aka delphi 5.

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2004-07-20 21:07

viewer   ~0004783

I finished the update, it is a very simple update. I simply caught the onmouseup event for all of the buttons. It was not being handled before. I made a call to ColorButtonClick which does the work of getting the proper button selected. If there is a popup active on the form, then the popup overrides the right click select action.


2004-07-20 21:09

reporter   ~0004784

Gah, I swear I was logged in. Anyway, here's the code. This is the only file which required modification.

2004-07-20 21:09


JvOfficeColorPanel.pas (29,833 bytes)


2004-07-24 13:53

administrator   ~0004826

JvOfficeColorPanel can now select its buttons with a right click. Set RightClickSelect to True if you want that, it is False by default to keep the previous behaviour. If there is a popup menu the button will only be selected if SelectIfPopup is True (it is False by Default).

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