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0001906JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2004-11-19 00:53
ReporteranonymousAssigned Toobones 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 RC 1 
Summary0001906: JVCL compilation fails disabling Quick Report (latest CVS)
DescriptionCompilation of latest JVCL tree (using latest JCL tree) fails if Quick Report is disabled.
Additional InformationD:\Delphi\Components\JCL-JVCL\JVCL\run\JvgQPrintPreviewForm.pas(190)
Error: Undeclared identifier: 'ExportToExcel'

JvGlobusD7R.dpk(130) Fatal: Could not compile used unit

The problem is that in JvgExport the conditional defines {$IFDEF JVCL_UseQuickReport} are present, while in JvgQPrintPreviewForm.pas they are not. If Quick Report
is not selected in JVCL.INC should those units be even not considered when the installer builds the packages?
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2004-06-30 14:12


Look in <jvcl>\packages\xml\JvGlobus-R.xml. Do you have the following lines
(might wrap):

    <File Name="..\..\run\JvgQPrintPreviewForm.pas"
Targets="d5,d6,d7,c5,c6,k3" Formname="JvgfPrintPreview"
    <File Name="..\..\run\JvgQPrintSetupForm.pas"
Targets="d5,d6,d7,c5,c6,k3" Formname="JvgPrintSetup"
    <File Name="..\..\run\JvgQRLabel.pas" Targets="d5,d6,d7,c5,c6,k3"
Formname="" Condition="JVCL_UseQuickReport"/>

If not, modify the file and regenerate the packages (with the installer or

Additionally, I'm not sure how to add multiple conditions to the xml file
(OBones should be able to answer this), but you should have something like
the following in the xml as well (and this applies to JvGlobus-D.xml also):

    <Package Name="qrpt" Targets="D6,D7" Condition="!QREPORT4,
    <Package Name="qr4rund6" Targets="D6" Condition="QREPORT4,
    <Package Name="qr4rund7" Targets="D7" Condition="QREPORT4,

In short, neither JvgQPrintPreviewForm, JvgQPrintSetupForm or JvgQRLabel
should be in uses nor should qrpt, qr4rund6 or qr4rund7 be in requires
unless JVCL_UseQuickReport is defined.


2004-11-19 00:53

administrator   ~0005658

Because we haven't received any feedback from the original poster for a long time, we consider this issue to be resolved. Should it not be, please first start using the daily zips:

and if that doesn't work, please post a new issue.

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