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0001923JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-07-04 05:50
ReporterglchapmanAssigned Touser72 
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Summary0001923: Incorrect column calculation in TJvCustomPreviewControl.UpdateSizes (?)
DescriptionI was checking out the JvPreviewDocument Demo. I loaded a 2 page RTF document, set Columns to 2, and Scale Mode to Use Rows and Cols. However, the preview only rendered with 1 column. From a quick glance at the source, I believe the problem may be this line from TJvCustomPreviewControl.UpdateSizes:

  FTotalCols := Max(Min(PageCount - 1, Options.Cols), 1);

I'm not sure why PageCount-1 is being used here; it seems to me that simply PageCount would be more appropriate. Anyway, making that change fixes the demo.

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2004-07-04 05:50


Fixed in CVS

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