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0002022JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-08-03 13:08
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Summary0002022: JvSpinEdit.OnChange event does not fire
DescriptionDear Sirs,
While I am trying to do some operations on OnChange event handler of JvSpinEdit, it does not fire on my code. However when I step the code, it steps in the source code (namely JVspin.pas) What migt be the cause.
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2004-08-02 11:59

viewer   ~0004869

However, I must confess that I converted ordinary SpinEdit controls into JVSpinEdit controls. Can it be the cause?


2004-08-03 07:13

administrator   ~0004878

Did you also change TSpinEdit to TJvSpinEdit in the DFM files, not only the PAS files ?


2004-08-03 09:55

viewer   ~0004915

Last edited: 2004-08-03 10:05

Yes I also converted the references in *.dfm files. However, I made a test. I placed a JVSpinEdit component on a blank form of a new project. I set the OnChange event handler and again it did not fire. Configuration is D5 SP1.

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2004-08-03 10:40

administrator   ~0004916

I just tried with the JVCL 3 under D6 and C5, the OnChange event is fired everytime.

What version of the JVCL are you using? If it is the 2.10, please use the JVCL 3, that you should get from the daily zip package here:

To make it work, you will also need the latest JCL, available here:

Let us know if this works.


2004-08-03 12:11

viewer   ~0004917

You are absolutely right for the version issue. Though I believe I have recently downloaded the latest version on sourgeforge, when I downloaded and installed the new package the problem is solved. Sorry for taking your time. Regards


2004-08-03 13:08

administrator   ~0004918

No worries, glad that it now works.

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