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0002102JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-10-22 14:18
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Summary0002102: TjvTranslator and ActionBars problem
DescriptionWhen using the Translator component and you have for example a ActionMainMenuBar item the generated xml file isn't valid. Then tags contains invalid tags.
I.e. <ActionBar ->ActionMainMenuBar1, or <&Edit.

When you try to read back the translated xml the load fails.
Additional InformationI've made a minimal test program to demonstrate the problem.

Press Create Language File to create the lang.xml file.
Press Load Language file (this will fail silently).
And press Xml Load to get a visual error message.

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2004-08-27 15:53 (4,827 bytes)


2004-08-31 04:56


You should switch to using dxgettext ( which is also supported by JVCL.


2004-08-31 05:44


The problem is caused by the actionbar component settings its DisplayName to
"ActionBar -> SomeActionBarName" and the spaces creates an invalid xml tag (or, rather, the "->" and "SomeActionBarName" are parsed as properties without values which are invalid in xml). TJvTranslator cannot handle that.


2004-08-31 06:38

viewer   ~0005119

Ok. So if i want to use ActionBars/ActionMenus i can't use TJvTranslator ?

The dxget software looks intresting.
I will try that.


2004-08-31 07:11


> Ok. So if i want to use ActionBars/ActionMenus i can't use TJvTranslator ?
Well, you could massage the CollectionToXML procedure to "fix" the DisplayName so it represents a valid XML tag name (f ex removing the first "ActionBar -> " part).


2004-09-01 14:47

viewer   ~0005136

I did a test where I massaged the TagName in the TJvSimpleXml parser.
I.e. replaced ' ' with 0000032 and '&' with #26 and restored them when
reading the xml file.

So far so good. I could no save/read the xml data ok.

But it seems that the TJvTranslator can't handle the actionbars anyway.

Did a test and removed some of the menu's and tried to rename the 'File' menu.
But no luck.

So I guess if I want to be able to change the menu's I have to use something else (The dxgettext doesn't adress this).


2004-09-02 01:10


I'd go with dxgettext if it was me.

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