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0002134JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-04-03 00:53
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Summary0002134: JvInterpreter incorrectly treats float in Open Arrays (using floats in open array parameters leads to AV)
DescriptionTJvInterpreterArgs.OpenArray method (based on V2OA procedure) incorrectly treats Float arguments. See V2OA fragment:
case TVarData(V[I]).VType of
  varDouble, varCurrency:
      OAValues[I] := V[I];
      OA[I].VExtended := TVarData(V[I]).VPointer; //Line(*)
      OA[I].VType := vtExtended;

I think Line(*) is completely wrong: OA[I].VExtended expects PExtended value (reference to Extended type) but gets invalid pointer. Variant cannot contain information of Extended type so in this realization of V2OA procedure it is impossibly to pass float values at all. I it would be better to remove this lines (replace them with something like 'Not Implemented') error then keep certainly wrong piece of code.
Additional Informationto see the bug try to execute JvInterpreter script and you should get an AV:
unit TestUnit; // JvInterpreter unit!
  A: Double;
  I: Integer;

procedure Main;
  A := 3.1415926;
  I := 31415926;
  ShowMessage(Format('%f', [A]));

I'v attached this example as
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duplicate of 0002675 resolvedobones Format function in JvInterpreter 


2004-09-10 01:29


JvInterpreterTest.ZIP (1,527 bytes)


2005-08-10 03:20

administrator   ~0007766

Could anyone have a look at this ?


2006-04-03 00:53

administrator   ~0008815

See issue 0002675, it has a solution for it, and the solution will be in CVS as soon as it's back online:

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