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0002200JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-10-29 02:13
ReporterNanotonneAssigned Touser72 
Status resolvedResolutionsuspended 
Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002200: unable to exit or valid a report parameter for TJvReport
Descriptionunable to exit or valid a report parameter from Globus Report Editor for TJvReport :
- create a new project
- put a JvgReport on form1 (JVCL Globus 2 panel)
- click (edit) on "Report" porpertie inspector (globus Report Editor
- click on 2st panel(2st/4), and after click on button at rigth (with no text !!??)
- I have a Report parameter windows popup appareat with parameter type (text, radio checbox, ...), if i click on OK or Cancel, I AM FULLY BLOCKED !!!! UNABLE TO ABORT OR EXIT !! i need to KILL DELPHI TO EXIT !!!!
* delphi 6 pro on windows2000
* last jcl and jvcl daily installed at this time !
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2004-10-22 13:58


Have you tried stepping through the code with the debugger? That would be the first thing to do.


2004-10-24 07:12

reporter   ~0005472

i can't becaus the bug is at design time !!!!!!! i have no code!!!!!!
i have ONLY put this component (jvgreport) on my form1 and trying to edit propertie of this component, i don't have wrotted code ! only put this component on my form, debuggin is unabled because no code from me, no event, none!!!! i'm blocked if at design time i editing property (see prviously).

Tested on 2 PCs !

see attached file jpg image to repeat the bug !!!

2004-10-24 07:13



2004-10-25 13:13


OK, absolutely a problem. Until it is fixed, press Alt+F4 to close the dialog.


2004-10-25 13:24


I had a closer look. Phew, have to say this component looks *very* unfinished. I'd try using something else instead, like Free Report.


2004-10-26 05:19

reporter   ~0005500

ok, thank, you confirm me good it's a problem to use this (component)!?, and is a "bug", and need to fix/finish it !? :-)

(possible need to change/set "bug" status in "confirmed" or accepted" ...)

i think too, not all send systematically a bug report if they found a bug, because they no time or they are lazy, possible, or they work differently, circumvent the problem, or other ... and it is a pity...


2004-10-26 13:30


Yes, I'd recommend not using TJvgReport the way it is today. The development on the Globus components is almost non-exsistent, so I wouldn't bet any money on it ever being done.


2004-10-29 02:13


This might be fixed at a later date.

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