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0002245JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-11-26 01:09
ReporterironstormAssigned ToAHUser 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 RC 1 
Summary0002245: Fatal: File not found: 'JclWideStrings.dcu' in dailys (20041015) under Delphi 5
DescriptionI get the following trying to install the JVCL daily build from Oct 15.

[Compiling: JvCustomD5R.bpl]
Borland Delphi Version 13.0 Copyright (c) 1983,99 Inprise Corporation
C:\Documents and Settings\GED\Desktop\JVCL3-Latest\run\JvUnicodeEditor.pas(44) Fatal: File not found: 'JclWideStrings.dcu'

** error 1 ** deleting "C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi5\Projects\Bpl"\JvCustomD5R.bpl

** error 1 ** deleting CompilePackages
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2004-10-17 21:35

reporter   ~0005424

work around is to uncheck JVCustom runtime and design packages.


2004-10-22 13:32


Please update your JCL as well ( and then reinstall JVCL


2004-10-22 15:19

reporter   ~0005465

In install.bat, quotes are not handled quite right in the if statement, here is the fix:
- @IF NOT "%1"=="" GOTO SetMake
+ @IF NOT "%~1"=="" GOTO SetMake

see below for output from install install.bat, I'm going to try in combination with jvcl in a second (so you'll see another comment in a few minutes):

MAKE Version 5.2 Copyright (c) 1987, 1998 Inprise Corp.
        cd ..
cleaning up first...
Could Not Find C:\!OSS\jcl\*.~*
Could Not Find C:\!OSS\jcl\bin\*.exe
Could Not Find C:\!OSS\jcl\*.a
        cd lib
Could Not Find C:\!OSS\jcl\lib\*.obj
        cd ..\install
        if exist prototypes C:\PROGRA~1\Borland\Delphi5\Bin\make.exe -fprototype
s.mak VclUnits
MAKE Version 5.2 Copyright (c) 1987, 1998 Inprise Corp.
        if exist prototypes C:\PROGRA~1\Borland\Delphi5\Bin\make.exe -fprototype
s.mak ClxUnits
MAKE Version 5.2 Copyright (c) 1987, 1998 Inprise Corp.
        if exist "C:\PROGRA~1\Borland\Delphi5\Bin\..\Lib\Obj\vcl50.dcp" SET DCC3
        if exist "C:\PROGRA~1\Borland\Delphi5\Bin\..\Lib\vcl.dcp" SET DCC32EXTRA
="-LUvcl -LUrtl"

        C:\PROGRA~1\Borland\Delphi5\Bin\..\bin\dcc32.exe -dJCLINSTALL -e..\bin -
i..\source -q -r -uC:\PROGRA~1\Borland\Delphi5\Bin\..\Lib;C:\PROGRA~1\Borland\De
lphi5\Bin\..\Lib\Obj;..\source\common;..\source\windows -w JediInstaller.dpr
Borland Delphi Version 13.0 Copyright (c) 1983,99 Inprise Corporation
C:\!OSS\jcl\source\windows\win32api\ Fatal: Line too long (more than
 1023 characters)

** error 1 ** deleting ..\bin\JediInstaller.exe

Press any key to continue . . .


2004-10-22 15:43

reporter   ~0005466

I got past the compiler problem I was having with that file not found, JclWideStrings.dcu... think that one was my mistake in messing up the JCL directory and I appologize for not being a bit more through...

I get a JclStrings.dcu not found when I compile an app, which proably has to do with the JCL install bombing as described as above... I'll poke around with it a bit later and see if I can't load it up manually later.

Thanks again.



2004-10-22 20:31

reporter   ~0005467

K, I tried to load up C:\!OSS\jcl\packages\d5\DJcl50.dpk and compile but the compile fails with the messages:

Undeclared indentifier: 'TQuad' Undeclared indentifier: 'USHORT' Fatal: Line too long (more than 1023 characters)


2004-10-25 02:39


Sounds to me you are having a CRLF problem with the JCL files (and maybe the JVCL files as well).

This happens sometimes when the daily zips are generated (we have no control over this) and means that text files are stored with Unix LF's instead of Windows CRLF's in the zip.

You can either get new daily zips and try again or you can build and run the crlf.exe in <jvcl>\devtools\JvAdjustLineBreaks.


2004-11-19 00:50

administrator   ~0005657

Note to original poster:
Without any update on the status of this issue from you in the next 7 days, we will consider the issue to be resolved.
Please try to get the latest daily zips here:

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