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0002275JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-11-24 08:24
ReporterbugfinderAssigned Tojfudickar 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 BETA 2 
Summary0002275: Appstorage odd result
DescriptionAppstorage not always reading/writeing ini files as expected.
Additional InformationWhen you I came to you originally you adjusted the appstorage component for me, and it worked a treat. Recently I felt I should download the newer beta versions as other components would have been fixed.

After installation I went back to my test project.

If run from the IDE it seems to make a 0 byte file in the delphi bin directory. Even on removal, and providing a previously working ini file ensuring it was in the correct directory and ensuring there were no dups in path, it still wasnt actually reading/writing the specified component properties.

I have reworked the example and attached it, to show you what i mean, with the previous version I had, it loaded 5 worlds, now it claims 1, which is the default put in one, so in fact its not actually loading any. In fact, rename the ini and save, and it doesnt even save the first one..

I couldnt find any documentation on why this would be such different behaviour. Especially the ini file location.
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2004-10-30 09:07 (9,223 bytes)


2004-10-30 09:21

reporter   ~0005530

Oops, ps comment out the following

{ aworld.SSL := false;
         aworld.character := 'Guest';
         aworld.passwd := 'guest';
         aworld.AutoReconnect := false;
         aworld.AutoConnect := false;
         aworld.autolog := false;
         aworld.disableansi := false;'FixedSys';
// aworld.fontname := 'FixedSys';
// aworld.fontsize :=9;
         aworld.UsecolourDefaults := false;
         aworld.Indent := false;

Sorry. I forgot to hit save !


2004-11-02 13:18

viewer   ~0005553

Sorry, i can't reproduce your sample.

When i open it, the TWorldStore component is removed, and so nothing is loaded.

I've changed
  object JvFormStorage1: TJvFormStorage
    AppStorage = JvAppIniFileStorage1
    Active = True //changed
    Options = [fpState, fpSize, fpLocation, fpActiveControl] //changed
    StoredValues = <>
    Left = 203
    Top = 3
  object JvAppIniFileStorage1: TJvAppIniFileStorage
    StorageOptions.BooleanStringTrueValues = 'TRUE, YES, Y'
    StorageOptions.BooleanStringFalseValues = 'FALSE, NO, N'
    StorageOptions.SetAsString = True
    AutoFlush = True //changed
    AutoReload = True //changed
    FileName = 'MC.ini'
    DefaultSection = 'General'
    SubStorages = <>
    Left = 272
    Top = 8

And then the formposition is stored and restored.

So please give us a better example


2004-11-02 13:20

developer   ~0005554

Last Comment : it was me :-)


2004-11-02 13:30

reporter   ~0005556

Last edited: 2004-11-02 13:31

Try adding the MC.pas file in the example to your registered components :P

The problem was originally it would kindly save the contents of the worldstore, now it doesnt. It doesnt, it doesnt say why either, it just kinda doesnt.

edited on: 11-02-04 13:31


2004-11-07 13:45

developer   ~0005584

Sorry, for me store couldn't have working in any time. TCollection's were not stored automaticly. I have changed this now.

It should work. The only thing is, that the format of the entries is changed. Save the one entry you have, and then you see the new format.



2004-11-07 15:53

reporter   ~0005585

I will have a look.. At the time I reported though it was working hence compiled with the older version of your code the example worked and the new one it didnt, hence I reported it.


2004-11-08 00:32

developer   ~0005586

I know the issue you mentioned (because i had worked on it), but i couldn't understand it.
I had looked through the changes, but i can't find it.

Hopefully it works now.



2004-11-16 08:33

developer   ~0005640

Any News ??


2004-11-19 02:29

viewer   ~0005674

Last edited: 2004-11-19 02:29

Sorry, been a bit busy.

Will download now and try, I hate having to play with your CVS though.

edited on: 11-19-04 02:29


2004-11-19 02:33

viewer   ~0005675

Actually, I cant do CVS atm. Can you post the changed files so I can try.


2004-11-19 03:39

developer   ~0005676

Upload is not so easy, because of a lot of fixes and changes to the components in the last days.

Please use the daily files. They should contain the right version:

You need also the current jcl release:



2004-11-19 04:22

viewer   ~0005677

Thanks for that, didnt know there was a cvs zip file :)

However, currently the installation of that file dies with

C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi5\Source\jvcl\run\JvListView.pas(113) Error: Method 'CreateListItems' not found in base class
JvStdCtrlsD5R.dpk(114) Fatal: Could not compile used unit '..\..\run\JvListView.pas'


Will try tomorrow.


2004-11-19 05:15

developer   ~0005678

Yes we have a problem with JvListView.pas and d5.

Please comment the CreateListItems function. This should fix your problem.

This function was introduced in d6 and so we had to find a workaround for this.



2004-11-19 06:44

reporter   ~0005681

Hmm, ok, that seemed to make a difference.

It didnt read the old ini file, but did read the new one, so something internally changed so it couldnt read it, but hey.. it works now..

I think :) If it doesnt. I'll be back!


2004-11-19 06:50

developer   ~0005682

We will wait a moment and if we didn't hear anything from you we will close the case :-)


2004-11-24 07:28

viewer   ~0005695

Still looking good.. got a new bug /request though :P will post.

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