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0002278JEDI VCL01 Helppublic2004-10-31 10:27
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Summary0002278: Expand the 6PluginPackage example
DescriptionThe 6PluginPackage example shows an example on an Interface (in JvPlgIntf.pas) for the main application, so that the plug-in should be able to use functions in the main application. The problem is that this is not utilized in the provided example, so it's not so easy to make it work. I've been at it for several hours now, and obviously there is something that I'm not doing right.

It would be great if someone with a little more knowledge of this could expand the example plug-in and main application so that the "DoSomethingSpecial" procedure was called from within the plug-in.

I would certainly appreciate this and I think that a lot of other JVCL users would benefit from such an example.

Without an expanded example or other documentation, there is probably a lot of us out there that can't get this to work.
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2004-10-31 10:27


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