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0002318JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-12-10 02:48
ReporterkorecekAssigned Tojfudickar 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 RC 1 
Summary0002318: TJvFormStorage and TJvListView.Items storage (bug)
DescriptionThere is not possible to store "TJvListView.Items" through
TJvFormStorage component.

1. Create new project
2. Put TJvListView component on a form
3. Put a TJvFormStorage and a TJvAppXMLFileStorage
   components on the form
4. Set "XML" FileName and Location and set AppStoragePath
   properties of the components.
5. Create some Columnus and add some Items and
   SubItems into JvListView and
6. Add "JvListView.Items" into StoredProps of the
7. Finally, compile, run and close application and look at
   your *.XML file. I suppose there is nothing in XML for
   JVCL from 12 of Nov. 2004.
Additional InformationI can also upload example in BCB6 when it will be requested.
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2004-11-16 15:13

developer   ~0005642

Thanks for you description.

But i don't have a eays answer for you :-(

Until now it's not possible.

TListItems will not be stored using the TJvAppStorage by default.

Until now you have to reimplemt the feature like hofi has mentioned.

For me it's not so easy, to decide what to do.

Some possibilities:
1. Do nothing => Not supported => had to be done manually
2. Enhance JvAppStorage.pas to support TListItems => This would mean: include comctrls to the uses of JvAppStorage => NOT Good
3. Enhance JvListView to support the JvAppStorage => Include JvAppStorage to the JvListView.pas file => NOT so bad

Any comments or further ideas welcome.


2004-11-18 15:01

developer   ~0005654

Fixed an uploaded.

Please have a look on it and give it a try.

Comments are welcome


2004-11-30 04:39

administrator   ~0005777

Please try with the latest zip files and tell us if the problem is fixed. These files are available here:

If we don't hear from you in the next 14 days, we will consider this issue fixed.


2004-11-30 06:59

reporter   ~0005783

I have installed version of JVCL from 29.11.2004.

It works pretty fine if there are no preset any data in JvListView
during design time. It works very nice in this case.

If I preset some columnus Items in design time it give me
Acces violation error during the second run of the program (data are
already stored in *.XML file).



2004-12-01 02:23

developer   ~0005797

Can you please build an sample application for that.
In my tests it works without problems.


2004-12-01 03:19

reporter   ~0005798

at the moment I am not able to upload a zipped file, because
I have got following error:
"The following error was encountered:

Write Error
The system returned:

    (32) Broken pipe
    An error condition occurred while writing to the network.
 Please retry your request. "

The file I'd like to upload has size app. 700KB.
I'll try it later.


2004-12-01 08:11


> at the moment I am not able to upload a zipped file
Only upload zipped sources, no binaries please. I believe 700k is way above the limit

2004-12-01 11:47 (13,021 bytes)


2004-12-01 11:55

reporter   ~0005800

> Only upload zipped sources, no binaries please. I believe
> 700k is way above the limit
I wanted to upload "exe" application with sources. Sources are BCB6 but it
should not be problem to convert it to Delphi I guess.
There is also included message box image which I got after second start
of application. (*.XML file did not exist during its first start)


2004-12-01 23:42

developer   ~0005803

Could you also include a screenshot of the opened application and the created xml-file. I'm not a BCB-User :-)

2004-12-02 03:59 (7,892 bytes)


2004-12-02 04:00

reporter   ~0005804

> Could you also include a screenshot of the opened application and the
> created xml-file.


2004-12-02 13:41 (3,682 bytes)


2004-12-02 13:43

administrator   ~0005809

Hi Jens

I just did a test with the very latest CVS snapshot, both in BCB and Delphi.
The bug shows up when starting the application with an existing XML file.

I attached the same example converted to Delphi, you should be able to see the bug with the included XML file.


2004-12-02 14:22

developer   ~0005810

Thanks Olivier,

it was the faster way.

The problem is, i can't see anything.

I know now that it seems to be not a point of the appstorage code (for me). It seems to be that the av is only raised, when the load happens in the formcreate/formshow process.
If you deactivate the active property and load the contents manually by button, there is no problem.

So maybe you have an other idea? I didn't know from where the av comes.



2004-12-02 14:30

developer   ~0005811

Hopefully found it (thanks to MadExcept).

The error was in TJvListView.WmAutoSelect

The WParam Object was no longer in the list, so it raises an exception.

I will upload the changes now. Please have a look and give us a feedback.


2004-12-02 22:41

reporter   ~0005815

my tests are without AV now. ;-)



2004-12-02 23:14

developer   ~0005816

Great News.

So i think we will wait one week again, and then close the case.


2004-12-03 13:19

administrator   ~0005822

Just tested it here, works fine in C++ Builder 6 and Delphi 6 with the latest CVS.

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