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0002363JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-08-10 08:28
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Summary0002363: TjvFormStorage slow down its owner form on display/close
DescriptionTjvFormStorage is a very useful component. I drop it on many of my forms. But this component slow the display and the close (Hide) of its owner form. In fact, when active is true, it performs a “Save” on every OnCloseQuery Event and does a “Restore” on every OnShowEvent of its owner form. I don’t understand the utility of such “save” and “restore”.

I suggest modifying this component to do when it’s active a:
- “Restore” just after its owner onCreate event.
- “Save” just before its owner OnDesrtroy event.
- Remove the redirection events of owner form: OnCloseQuery and OnShow.

For test and more information, here is my owner derived component of TjvFormStorage.
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2004-12-06 07:52


PxFormStorage.pas (3,427 bytes)


2004-12-06 14:54

viewer   ~0005836

And When there are no modiofication's to save, do not save it anyway.
I Uses it to modify my application settings, normol users have no write access to the aplication path and get a error after clossing.


2004-12-06 15:23

reporter   ~0005837

To anonymous: Use OnRestorePlacement event to set Active to false when user have no write access to your application path. this is : TjvFormStorage(Sender).active := False.
When active is false no more save well be done any more after the first restore.


2004-12-08 00:31

developer   ~0005840

For prevention of write down, you can also use JvAppStorage.Readonly := TRUE;


2004-12-14 00:17

developer   ~0005880

Anyone else with comments?

For me the FormShow, FormOnClose Events are better. But i'm not shure.



2004-12-20 07:07

administrator   ~0005960

Close is not always called, especially when the system is shutting down.
As to the initial bug, I don't like the proposed modifications, I'd rather have the user deactivate the TJvFormStorage from the appropriate event (or even constructor).


2005-08-10 08:28

administrator   ~0007781

See my last remark.

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