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0002364JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2004-12-19 04:25
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Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 RC 1 
Summary0002364: TJvPluginManager
DescriptionWith Beta 2 & latest daily build, PluginManager is crashing when unloading dlls. When it executes unloadlibrary, it never returns & the CPU debug display shows & dialog re too many exceptions. It appears to be Index = 0 related. I can copy multiple copies of the same dll, with different names & successfully unload count -1 down to 1, but when unloading 0 it crashes

 PlgI := FPluginInfos.Items[Index];
  UnloadLibrary(PlgI.PluginKind, PlgI.Handle);

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2004-12-09 12:35


Have you tried the demo in jvcl\examples\JvPlugin\1SimplePlugin (set InstanceCount to 0 in the DLL project, compile it and make copies of the result)?

When I run the demo, I don't get any errors.


2004-12-10 15:27

viewer   ~0005858

I wish it were simple to give you a easy test case. The simple demo works. I changed instance count to 0, made multiple copies of the dll w different names, added an unloadplugin menu to UI and works as expected. My plugins heavily use COM/ActiveX. I had no problems w ver2 or ver3 beta1. I know it's not much to go on. I'll try to generate a simple example.


2004-12-11 03:55


There doesn't seem to be any changes since the beta 2 release that could affect behaviour (it's mostly cleanup and adding missing contributors etc).

Makes me think that maybe your project has changed and that's why it doesn't work anymore, i.e the problem is on your side?

2004-12-12 11:46 (219,935 bytes)


2004-12-12 11:50

viewer   ~0005872

I would generally agree. I have two different apps that had been working prior to beta2. It could very well be latest changes in jcl or other jvcl components. I've gutted (removed all app specific functionality) from a simple app and uploaded. Using one copy of the simple ddl demonstrates problem when unloading via menu item. BTW I'm running D7 (build 8.1) under XP SP2


2004-12-13 04:48


Have a look at 0002375. Maybe that's the reason?


2004-12-13 16:15

viewer   ~0005879

Peter, not quite sure how it would be related. Using simple plugin dll, it does not have an OnCreate function. I tried the plugin with both oldcreate order as well as new



2004-12-17 08:24

viewer   ~0005905

Hi all,

this is exactly the problem I have. The domos work fine. When I copy my plugin into the demo directory it works. Then I created a new project: just a Listbox, a Button and the PluginManager, copied the demo plugin and my plugin into the directory and ...crash! So it can't be the plugin, because that works with the simple demo and the error also turns up when using the demo-plugin. But I found no code in the demo that I don't have in my app. And: The error also appears with an old version of JVCL (that was why I updated). Any Ideas ???



2004-12-18 03:05


Do you have sharemem as the first unit in the uses of the project? Only thing I can think of that could be different...


2004-12-18 03:51

viewer   ~0005912

Hey Peter3, you'r king of the day! I only studied the unit over and over, but didn't look at the project file.

Thank you


2004-12-18 04:04


Glad that resolved it! Can we close this issue now?


2004-12-18 12:24

viewer   ~0005922

It worked for me as well. Thank you very much for the great support. Yes I think we can close


2004-12-19 04:25


OK, problem solved

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