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0002383JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-02-04 02:18
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Summary0002383: JvDBGrid: when MultiSelect and RowSelect are true then when showed SelCount report 0 instead of 1
DescriptionPut a JvDBGrid on a form and link it to whatever datasource.
Set MultiSelect and RowSelect to true.
Run the program: the grid show the first line as selected, but if you inquiry SelCount then it reports 0 instead of 1.

Two possible solutions:
a) when created, no selected row has to be shown
b) when created, SelCount must be set to 1

I think the best choice is a)
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has duplicate 0002547 resolvedobones if JvDBGrid.MultiSelect then focus rect always draw 


2004-12-14 08:50


Test.7z (3,090 bytes)


2005-01-10 08:49

viewer   ~0006114

>the grid show the first line as selected

??? Not on my grid.

>ut if you inquiry SelCount then it reports 0 instead of 1.

Nothing wrong here.

When the row is selected, the marker on the left displays a small circle. If the selected row has the focus, there's a > after the circle.
To make the difference clear to my users, I use two different background colors (one for the focused row, one for the selected rows) and paint them in the OnGetCellParams event.


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