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0002426JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-01-02 05:14
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Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 RC 1 
Summary0002426: MessageDlgEx with delphi 2005
Descriptionsorry for my english

the function MessageDlgEx with parameters (dckScreen, dckActiveForm, dckMainForm) doesn't work with delphi 2005.

the message is on the left upper corner of the screen (0,0)

version tested (3.00b2 and the version date 2004/12/22

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related to 0002398 resolved Problem with TJvDatePickerEdit with Delphi 2005 



2004-12-22 14:03


Probably the same issue. I expect there to be more of these...


2004-12-23 12:00

developer   ~0006000

We have D2005 at work now, so I could check this out.

You must set either Position to poDesigned or PopupMode to pmAuto.

The value of Position is set to poDefaultPosOnly in CreateNew. If PopupMode = pmNone (the default) then the window will be recreated in TCustomForm.ShowModal (RecreateWnd call), because Position is posDefaultPosOnly the position is not stored while the window is recreated. Thus

* either set position to poDesigned, so the position is stored while the window is recreated.
* or set PopupMode to pmAuto, so the window is not recreated in the ShowModal call.


2004-12-24 09:06

viewer   ~0006005

thanks but i have my form = poScreenCenter and PopupMode = pmAuto and doesn't work


2004-12-24 12:53

developer   ~0006006

Last edited: 2004-12-24 12:55

I meant that the properties of the form created by MessageDlgEx must be changed. Thus change in the CreateDSAMessageForm function in JvDSADialogs.pas:

  Result := TDSAMessageForm.CreateNew(Screen.ActiveCustomForm);
    with Result do
      {$IFDEF VCL}


  Result := TDSAMessageForm.CreateNew(Screen.ActiveCustomForm);
    with Result do
      Position := poDesigned;
      PopupMode := pmAuto;
      {$IFDEF VCL}


2004-12-25 02:37

viewer   ~0006007

Thanks, it's good. i just add {$IFDEF DELPHI9}

  Result := TDSAMessageForm.CreateNew(Screen.ActiveCustomForm);
    with Result do
      {$IFDEF DELPHI9}
    Position := poDesigned;
    PopupMode := pmAuto;
      {$ENDIF DELPHI9}
      {$IFDEF VCL}


2005-01-02 05:14

administrator   ~0006053

This is now fixed in CVS

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