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0002434JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-02-04 05:04
ReporterSalvatore BessoAssigned Toobones 
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Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
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Summary0002434: TJvWizard: TJvWizardChangePageEvent is ambiguous
DescriptionTJvWizardChangePageEvent is actually used for both OnEnterPage and OnExitPage events and its declaration is the following:

TJvWizardChangePageEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject;
  const FromPage: TJvWizardCustomPage) of object;

As you can see the second parameter is named "FromPage", but this is ambiguous because in the OnEnterPage event the parameter represents a "FROM page" while in the OnExitPage event it represents a "TO page".

There are two solutions to this problem:

The first is to rename the parameter to a more generic "Page" (not so good).

The second one (best) is to remove actual procedural event and to declare two new procedural events:

TJvWizardEnterPageEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject;
  const FromPage: TJvWizardCustomPage) of object;

TJvWizardExitPageEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject;
  const ToPage: TJvWizardCustomPage) of object;

and assign accordingly the various OnEnterPage and OnExitPage events.

Regards and Merry Christmas
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2004-12-26 14:32


Last edited: 2004-12-26 14:41

I don't really see a reason to change it at all. It's a documentation issue, if anything (see the JEDI Help on "TJvWizardChangePageEvent" for details). The only change I would agree on, is to rename "FromPage" to "Page".

You should be aware that changing the event signature makes existing code invalid with very little reason.

Salvatore Besso

2004-12-27 02:10

reporter   ~0006020

hello Peter,

ok, it's true. Changing the procedural event would eventually break existing code. At this point it's better to rename the parameter to a general "Page", it is less ambiguous, maybe remarking the difference of the parameter meaning between the OnEnterPage and OnExitPage events in the help for the component.

Regards and Happy New Year


2004-12-27 05:46


> maybe remarking the difference of the parameter
> meaning between the OnEnterPage and OnExitPage events
It is already described in the help

Salvatore Besso

2004-12-28 07:06

reporter   ~0006026

ok Peter, then do you think to rename to "Page"?

Thank you and Happy 2005!


2005-02-04 05:04

administrator   ~0006402

Even changing the name breaks compatibility, so we won't change this.

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