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0002498JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-08-02 12:11
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Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
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Summary0002498: JvMemoryData Modifications & Bug Fixed
DescriptionI removed the "Open" method and added "DoAfterOpen" method. This is because the Open method, is REINTRODUCE, and only is possible call this methos in any instance of TJvMemoryData, and not in an instance of any generic TDataset. The body of the method "Open", is divided in two : The pre-open has write in "OpenCursor" method, and the pos-open has write in "DoAfterOpen" method.
I change the method "SortOnFields". Now the param "FieldNames" is empty by default, and into the body of method, check this param and the content of "KeyFieldNames" property, if FieldNames is not empty, sort with this fields, else if KeyFieldNames is not empty, sort by this fields, else not sort.
I added two utility variant routines. This routines only compile if the compiler version is minor of Delphi 6, because D6+ have this in the "Variants" unit, D5- not have this.
I correct minor bugs (conceptually) in the method "ApplyChanges"
Additional InformationVery happy 2005, and sorry my not good English
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has duplicate 0002861 closed JvMemoryDataset Fixes & features 
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2005-01-12 06:37


JvMemoryDataset.pas (77,722 bytes)


2005-08-02 12:11

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See issue 3050.

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