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0002501JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2008-02-21 03:15
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Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
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Summary0002501: Error with links TjvPageListTreeView <-> TjvStandardPage
Description I've linked several items of JvPageListTreeView with JvStandartPage, saved the form. When I reopened the form - all the links were OK. Then I added a new item to JvPageListTreeView and invoke Links editor - all the links are gone, set to 0. The same happens when I delete items from JvPageListTreeView.
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related to 0003429 resolvedobones TJvPageListTreeView does not work with AutoExpand, and does not show RowSelect when running. 



2005-01-14 07:02


This is a limitation of the streaming of treenodes and I have found no solution to it. The only workaround I know about is to reassign the pages to the nodes and sometimes you even have to do this twice.


2005-08-10 08:42

administrator   ~0007786

Please try again with latest JVCL and let us know if it's still here.
If it is, please post a sample application (zipped) here.

2005-08-19 18:52 (2,676 bytes)


2005-08-19 18:54

reporter   ~0007818

Tested with D7E/W2k and jc;/jvcs updated on Aug 18.

Same behaviour as described above. Uploaded "" project to illustrate.



2005-12-08 13:25

reporter   ~0008197

I'd like to add only that the problem still persist in JVCL version from
latest November.
I discovered the problem during my translation of a Delphi example
(JvPageListTreeView) into BCB6.
There is used TJvSettingsTreeView component which is descendant of
TJvCustomPageListTreeView class.

In addition to the attached example you don't need to add new page.
You can only change any StateIndex (for example) in "Items Editor..." and
situation is same (see "Links Editor...").
Also, I was surprised that after changes was made through "Items Editor" and
"Links Editor" there was not possible to save anything (I mean Save All in
BCB6 menu). No changes...????... :-(
Definitely, you have also example inside of JVCL distribution. See the
JvPageListTreeView example.

I tested it in C++ Builder v6.



2006-04-04 05:50

administrator   ~0008877

If anyone has any idea, I'd be glad to hear about it.
I know that the treeview items are destroyed and recreated each and every time the order is modified, but I'm yet to find a way to "hook" into this.


2008-02-21 03:14

administrator   ~0014205

This issue is too old, many changes have been done in between. Should this still be applicable, please create a new issue after having tested using the latest JVCL

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