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0002589JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-02-04 01:16
ReporterCCRAssigned Toobones 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 
Summary0002589: Add in place activation and deactivation events to TJvRichEdit, like this...
DescriptionYou could add OnInPlaceActivate and OnInPlaceDeactivate events, called like this:

procedure TJvCustomRichEdit.SetUIActive(Active: Boolean);
  Form: TCustomForm;
    Form := GetParentForm(Self);
    if Form <> nil then
      if Active then
        if (Form.ActiveOleControl <> nil) and
          (Form.ActiveOleControl <> Self) then
          Form.ActiveOleControl.Perform(CM_UIDEACTIVATE, 0, 0);
        Form.ActiveOleControl := Self;
        if AllowInPlace and CanFocus then
        if Assigned(FOnInPlaceActivate) then FOnInPlaceActivate(Self); //!!!CCR
        if Form.ActiveOleControl = Self then Form.ActiveOleControl := nil;
        if (Form.ActiveControl = Self) and AllowInPlace then
        if Assigned(FOnInPlaceDeactivate) then FOnInPlaceDeactivate(Self); //!!!CCR

The point of the events is that you may need to clear away UI elements other than the ones the VCL automatically does for you. And TOLEContainer has OnActivate and OnDeactivate, after all.

Furthermore, it would be useful to have a CloseActiveObject method with public visibility added to TJvCustomRichEdit, implemented as the following:

procedure TJvCustomRichEdit.CloseActiveObject;
  if FRichEditOle <> nil then IRichEditOle(FRichEditOle).InPlaceDeactivate;
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2005-02-04 01:16

administrator   ~0006374

Thanks, this is now in CVS. Please use version 1.64

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