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0002595JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-05-18 06:08
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Summary0002595: Listview and background picture
DescriptionWhen using Tlistview and a background picture and you also set the OwnerData to true (for a virtual list) the content disapears when you move the mouse pointer over it. When you scroll with the scrollbar it appears again but as soon you move mouse the pointer over the content it disapears again.

BTW This bug does not appear when you set the Ownerdata to false.

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2005-02-06 03:45


I can't reproduce this in either D5, D6 or D7. What version are you using?


2005-02-07 03:50

viewer   ~0006434

Last edited: 2005-02-07 03:52

D7 and JVCL dated 02/02/2005.
Can reproduce this everytime. If needed i will make a small example program with the necesary files. Will take some days though ... i don't have time spare to do this right now.


2005-02-07 11:03


> If needed i will make a small example program
Please do. Minimal code, source only, zipped and include the image(s) used


2005-02-08 03:52

viewer   ~0006438

OK, will do this asap (this weekend i guess)


2005-02-09 03:55

viewer   ~0006441

Update :

While trying to make a small program to showoff the bug I cannot reproduce this anymore.
This is really strange because in my project - where i use this listview component - i can reproduce this everytime.
I noticed when i put the column order in its original order (there are 18 columns) and you move the mousepointer over the content it takes about 2-3 seconds before it dissapears. When the order of column is changed it dissapaers instantly. Quite strange.

If you want i can give you my complete project source but it's quit big and you also have to install the graphics32 components.

Please give me your e-mail adres and if ok i will send it to you (about 8mb i guess)


2005-02-10 06:28


I am not interested in an 8MB download, but if you can strip it down to that one dialog using the listview, you can send it to me.

Source only, no third-party, zipped.

My email is peter3 att users dott sourceforge dott net


2005-04-12 06:59

administrator   ~0006957

Any news on this?
If not, please resolve the issue with a "not an issue" issue.


2005-05-18 06:08

administrator   ~0007187

No news, taking the recommended action and resolving the issue.
Please open a new one should there still be a problem

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