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0002599JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-02-12 09:11
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Summary0002599: OnEnter/OnExit do not occur if JvIPAddress is on the form

Drop JVCL components on the form and assign their OnEnter/OnExit to show a message box.
See that nothing happens when the focus shifts from one control to the next.
The attached example shows it with two controls, based on latest CVS version.
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parent of 0002564 closed TJvIPAddress OnExit event doesn`t Occur when the input focus shifts away from one control to another 


2005-02-04 01:40 (3,234 bytes)


2005-02-05 05:03

developer   ~0006420

Solution might be to add

        Perform(WM_SETFOCUS, 0, 0);

to TJvIPAddress.CNCommand.

Don't know why the ip control does not receive a WM_SETFOCUS.


2005-02-12 09:11

administrator   ~0006471

The solution was indeed that, with a little precaution related to mouse focusing (see source for details).
As to why TJvIPAddress does not receive the message in the first place, I suspect it is because the embedded edits are not children of the control from Delphi's point of view.

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