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0002603JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-06-08 02:36
ReporteranonymousAssigned Toobones 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0002603: JvMainMenu appear white in standard style under XP
DescriptionAs shown in the attachement, except under xp Style (or XP ItemPainter) the menu appears white in other styles, Standard, Button, Office, i don't know whether it is a bug or a default behaviour that may be changed, also with the XPManifest on the form, for me this appearance is not user friendly, this happens in the beta versions and the RC1..
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2005-02-04 13:03


Mm.jpg (26,912 bytes)
Mm.jpg (26,912 bytes)


2005-02-04 15:31

administrator   ~0006410

If you remove the ThemeManager, does this goes away?
And does this happen with TMainMenu?
I suspect that the ThemeManager is making this happen.


2005-02-05 12:49

viewer   ~0006421

What is theme manager?
i put JvMainMenu and assgin the properties style and this happens,
if i use the itempainter, the same result,
with XPManifest no change, the same effect,
in installing jvcl, the checkbox theming is not checked because it is clearly indicated that only non D7 users should check it, i work with D7 update 7.1, but even without the update it occurs,
i will check if it ocurrs with MainMenu, but i don't think so


2005-02-07 05:12

viewer   ~0006435

it does not occur with TMainmenu
when i set xp with classic appereance this does not occur
is it a bug, or an error of mine?


2005-04-12 07:02

administrator   ~0006958

I'm sorry, but I can't reproduce this. I have three machines here with D7, and none of them display this behaviour.
Can you try with the very latest sources and let me know how it goes ?


2005-04-14 13:51

viewer   ~0007005

Ok I will try and post soon..

2005-04-15 14:16


p1.JPG (16,969 bytes)
p1.JPG (16,969 bytes)

2005-04-15 14:21


menu.JPG (59,393 bytes)
menu.JPG (59,393 bytes)


2005-04-15 14:24

viewer   ~0007015

Unfortunately as you can in the file menu.jpg the bug still exists, i use now the jvcl 3 stable, i compiled in a w2k pc and see the results in a xp pc, moreover there is sometimes the diference in the selecteing rext as it is appreciated clearly from the image..


2006-04-03 03:57

administrator   ~0008821

I'm definitely not seing this, even when compiled with D2006. Could you post a demo application with sources and the compiled version so that I can test on my machine here?
One more question: Could you verify that the system colors did not get changed?


2006-06-08 02:36

administrator   ~0009432

Well, no news, assuming this is fixed by the latest daily

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