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0002652JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-02-19 06:17
ReporterjegesAssigned Touser72 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 
Summary0002652: TJvSimpleXml namespace problem at end tag

I have used this component to parse an xml file that I got from the Java
standard xml creator. I encountered a problem parsing the following types
of xml elements:


The TJvSimpleXml component only accepts the following type of tags:

IMHO the first form should be valid, based on the Java generated xmls.
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2005-02-18 01:38


It is a bug. Try commenting out the ':' case handler in TJvSimpleXMLElemClassic.LoadFromStream and see if that resolves it.

NB! Not tested extensively, so might have other, unknown, negative side-effects

2005-02-18 09:24


JvSimpleXml_good.pas (91,055 bytes)


2005-02-18 11:06

reporter   ~0006523

I worked on it today and it looks like I solved the problem. I attached the file to the issue. I noticed that, when creating the xml stream it doesn't adds the namespaces (called pointers in the code) also. If you find it useful and solid commit it in. Diffs:
- TJvSimpleXMLElemClassic.SaveToStream adds the (namespace + ':') characters before tagname
- TJvSimpleXMLElems.LoadFromStream saves in a local variable the namespace and when the tag is finished it returns (namespace + ':' + tagname) to TJvSimpleXMLElemClassic.LoadFromStream
- TJvSimpleXMLElemClassic.LoadFromStream validates the returned end tag namespace and tagname to the elements namespace and tagname

That's all.

PS. Sorry about the double attachment. I couldn't delete the first, which was an older "under construction" version sadly uploaded. The file containing the solution is the "JvSimpleXml_good.pas" which should be of course renamed to "JvSimpleXml.pas". If you have the rights please delete the old one :)


2005-02-19 05:13


Have you tested your changes with xml files that doesn't have namespace prefixed tags? I suspect not.


2005-02-19 06:17


A slightly modified version has been posted to CVS where the value of the prefix is checked before adding the ':'. Also includes a fix for CDATA sections that has white space between the CDATA and the last [. This is allowed.

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