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0002657JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2005-03-08 16:23
ReporterDSA JCRAssigned Tojfudickar 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 
Summary0002657: AnsiLineBreaks in JvProgramVersionCheck.pas
DescriptionHi all again:

When compiling last daily build 05/02/2005 I get the error that there isn't a definition for "AnsiLineBreaks" in the unit JvProgramVersionCheck.pas.

I saved it addding the unit JclStrings tio the uses clauses, line 516:

  JclBase, JclFileUtils, JclShell,
  JclStrings, // JCR AnsiLineBreak 19/02/2005 12:12:34
  JvDSADialogs, JvParameterListParameter, JvResources;

anybody must correct it.

thanks ina advance
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2005-02-23 14:53

developer   ~0006552

Please upgrade your JCL Version.

There is a change and the AnsiLineBreak is added to jclbase. So the ProgramVersionCheck is fine.


2005-02-24 11:11

viewer   ~0006559

Yes, you are right, it was my version of JCL.
I had downloaded the 1.94 version build 1802, but only the WinHelp file ;-) not the real source files.

Thanks and good job

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