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0002661JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-08-09 06:57
ReporteranonymousAssigned Towapostma 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002661: New JvJVCLUtils,Add function ImageListGetBitmap.
DescriptionI'm dejoy,Add function ImageListGetBitmap to instead of TImageList.GetBitmap(),fix a image draw background bug.please replace all TImageList.GetBitmap() with ImageListGetBitmap in TJvxpbar and other pas used TImageList.GetBitmap() .
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has duplicate 0002718 resolvedwapostma Add function ImageListGetBitmap into JvJVCLUtils. 


2005-02-19 17:13


JvJVCLUtils.pas (221,351 bytes)


2005-02-25 06:45

administrator   ~0006582

Can you rephrase this? I don't understand what you are proposing and what is supposeddly fixes.


2005-03-01 03:10

viewer   ~0006615

ok,have a look tjvxpbar screensnap. the before.jpg is used TImagelist.GetBitmap(),the fixed_*.jpg is used fixed function ImageListGetBitmap().

2005-03-01 03:10


jvjvclutils.rar (95,686 bytes)


2005-03-07 08:57

viewer   ~0006646

We Don't need to do what this user suggests.

A workaround this has been done with its own private function inside JVXPBar. this issue should be closed as it is no longer applicable.

Note that the fix I have checked in is $ifdefed because this is a workaround to a bug specific to a particular service pack of WINXP and a particular service pack of WIN2003Server, and this fix only fixes a bug that occurs in these two particular revisions of windows. Users with Windows XP SP1, and even some SP2 users who have recently gone to WindowsUpdate and installed updates from March 2005, will note that this bug in Windows is fixed. Thus the code in JVXPBar is optimal as it is.



2005-03-07 08:58

developer   ~0006647

See CVS version checked in on March 7, 2005 for the alternative to this.

Look for this ifdef in the code:

// WinXPSP2/WinServer2003 transparency workaround:
// Define to add calls to BitmapBgPaint to pre-paint
// bitmap using XPBar.Colors.BodyColor, to fix
// transparency issues. Note that this is a real
// bug in Windows XP and 2003 and once all machines
// "OUT THERE" have been updated, this should be removed
// from the code.


2005-03-07 09:00

developer   ~0006648

CVS revision 1.88:

Transparency issue fix for WinXPSP2 and WindowsServer2003. (Other versions of Windows, including WinXP and XP SP1 do not have the transparency bug which this patch is a workaround for). The patch is implemented only if XP_TRANSPARENCY_FIX is defined, which for now, it is defined statically in the code, you can comment out that line to try the code with and without the patch. The patch may be removed later if all current shipping Windows versions are unaffected by this bug.


2005-03-07 09:01

developer   ~0006649

Patch checked into CVS JvXPBar.pas, rev 1.88


2005-03-09 21:47

viewer   ~0006664

oh ,my system is windows2003.


2005-03-09 21:58

viewer   ~0006665

thanks! but you can add ImageListGetBitmap() to JvJVCLUtils,That user can choose TImageList.GetBitmap() or ImageListGetBitmap() to used.


2005-05-18 09:44

administrator   ~0007225

What should we do about this ?


2005-08-09 06:57

administrator   ~0007720

No answers, closing the issue.

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