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0002919JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-05-04 09:35
ReporterdbudelskyAssigned Tojfudickar 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.10 
Summary0002919: TJvCustomAppMemoryFileStorage stores only one form
DescriptionWhen using the same filename in TJvCustomAppMemoryFileStorage for
more than one form, only the data of one form is stored, usually the
main form.

I tried this with TJvAppIniFileStorage and TJvAppXMLFileStorage.

Additionally, when using a TJvAppIniFileStorage, other data in the
INI file, not handled by TJvCustomAppMemoryFileStorage is reset to
the values at program start, all changes made inbetween are lost.

The new components are not usable for handling multiwindows applications.
As I want to control the settings of several program instances by config
files, using one file per form is not possible.
Additional Information
Setting AutoFlush or AutoReload does not help.
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2005-04-28 13:58

developer   ~0007079

Could you please create a small sample and add this to this bug entry.

2005-04-29 03:02 (13,216 bytes)


2005-04-29 03:06

reporter   ~0007083

Hello, I added a small Demo showing the behaviour with Ini files.
Note that the Edit1.Text in Form2 is loaded from the INI file,
but stays the same every time the program is started. When you
abort the application after the writing of this parameter, the
value should change in the ini file.
The Form2 Properties are never in the file after program closure.


2005-05-02 02:12

reporter   ~0007093

Reminder sent to: jfudickar

as you requersted, I sent an example and a short text describing
the misbehaviour. Sorry, if this is a reminder doublette.



2005-05-02 13:05

developer   ~0007100

Sorry i can't reproduce it.

You must change AutoFlush and AutoReload in BOTH forms to TRUE.

The much better way is to work with only one AppStorage-Component, maybe based in a Datamodule. This component can be connected to all of your FormStorage Components. This is the way i use the component. With a lot of forms in one config.

Please give me a short feedback if you could manage your problem.



2005-05-04 01:50

reporter   ~0007107

You are right, I missed someway to set the properties in all components.
The only thing which still doesn't work is the storage of "global" values in the same INIfile with TInifile. A FormStorage in the recmmended Data Module would help for that, I think.
Sorry for alarming you and thank you for the great components. The idea of
breaking up the formstorage into two components is good even though it
produces some work and questions while updating applications to JVCL 3.0.

Sorry again for every inconvenience by me.


2005-05-04 09:35

developer   ~0007108

NO Problem with this.


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