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0003124JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-07-31 09:44
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Summary0003124: TJvXPMenuItemPainter Paint Error

if i use the TJvXPMenuItemPainter in a PopupMenu or a MainMenu i get the following problem. I´ve a MainMenu with 2 main menu items. Each main item has serveraly sub items.

I click on a main menu item and the menu popups. Now I see on the left side that the first gray line isn´t draw. Now I switch the mouse between the first and the second main item an the line is draw. I´ve figured out the problem in JvMenus.pas (exactly Line 3110) in TJvXPMenuItemPainter.Paint. The problem is if you click the first time on a main menu item the CanvasWindow is always 0. But I don´t know how to resolv this problem.

I´ve uploaded two files with screenshot. I think you understand it better if you see what i mean ;).

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related to 0001862 resolvedobones JvMainMenu: strange drawing in XP Style 


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2005-07-31 09:44

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Thanks for the report, as you can see, it's already known, in issue 0001862
Fact is, I'm like you, I have not many ideas as to how to fix this.

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