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0003152JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-04-03 04:03
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Summary0003152: var parameters don't work

It seems as though simple var parameters simply do not work! I have a simple script that displays the problem; see the additional information section.

FWIW - I discovered this problem with a slightly more complicated function that takes four var integer parameters, and returns a boolean. In this case, I get a script error stating that structure/array paramaters are not supported! No structures or arrays to be found!

Anyway, I hope this can be resolved soon, as I'm leaving on vacation and others here will need this stuff working when I'm gone.

Additional Informationunit VarBugDemo;

procedure Bug(var val: Integer): Boolean;
  ShowMessage('Bug: On input should be 19 = ' + IntToStr(val));
  val := 27;
  ShowMessage('Bug: Now should be 27 = ' + IntToStr(val) + ' - FAILS!');

procedure Main;
  jz: Integer;
  jz := 19;
  ShowMessage('Main: Should print 27 = ' + IntToStr(jz) + ' - FAILS!');

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duplicate of 0003170 resolvedobones JvInterpreter assigns 0 to all integer var parameters 



2005-08-15 08:05

reporter   ~0007798

Last edited: 2005-08-15 08:09

Oops! I meant to mention the JvInterpreter component in the title! I suppose that would help, no?! Sorry...

Anyway, the code snippit I show is a script that is passed to JvInterpreter, and exhibits the behavior indicated by the ShowMessage calls.


2005-08-29 09:46

developer   ~0007890

Look at 0003170


2006-04-03 04:03

administrator   ~0008823

See issue 0003170

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