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0003185JEDI VCL04 Feature Requestpublic2007-12-18 13:41
ReporterRamengoAssigned ToAHUser 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.34 
Summary0003185: TJvDualListDialog form resize
DescriptionTJvDualListDialog should allow user to resize the form.
If items on the lists are very long or many, then scrolling is difficult.
Splitters would be useful too.
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2006-04-03 05:13

administrator   ~0008832

Anyone volunteering for this?


2006-04-03 06:53

developer   ~0008841

Maybe i find some time. But then i also would convert to JvDynControlEngine.


2006-04-03 13:05

administrator   ~0008847

No problems with me on this conversion. Please do as you see fit.


2006-05-04 02:31

reporter   ~0009253

When you are going to rewrite the Component anyway, it would be nice to have to seperate "Sorted" properties for the lists, because I often use this component, but I allway have to patch it to have only one list sorted. Regards Daniel


2006-05-08 03:05

developer   ~0009257

But how without breaking backword compatibility?


2006-05-15 07:38

reporter   ~0009301

Could be done, by two different classes, one with the Properties List1Sorted and List2Sorted; and a derived one with only 1 "Sorted" Property...
Or you could put this "virtual" Sorted property, into the same class, and set it to "stored False". If "List1Sorted and List2Sorted" "Sorted" returns True otherwise Sorted returns False.

This would break the backward compatibility also (because of the new properties), but it would allow a smooth upgrade, without any sourcecode changes.


2006-05-23 06:53

reporter   ~0009342

I don't know if it may help, but would share this interesting article:,1410,33421,00.html


2006-05-23 09:27

developer   ~0009343

Maybe it would, but the problem is, no compatibility to d5 - d2005.

So no way in this moment.

For the flow panel there is something similar in TJvPanel, but not the TGridPanel.


2007-12-18 13:40

developer   ~0014087

The dialog now reacts on a resize event if the new property Resizable=True.

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