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0003197JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-01-08 11:57
ReportermhoeperAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.20 
Summary0003197: Parameter "Rect" in the "OnDrawLeftMargin" event in class "TJvStandardMenuItemPainter" is wrong.
DescriptionThere is a bug in the TJvCustomMenuItemPainter.Paint method, if "menu animation" in Windows is ENABLED:

CanvasWindow := WindowFromDC(Canvas.Handle); // CanvasWindow = 0!
GetWindowRect(CanvasWindow, CanvasRect); // CanvasRect wrong
LeftMarginRect := Rect(..., 0, ..., CanvasRect.Bottom - ...) // LeftMarginRect wrong

so that the calculated LeftMarginRect in this method is wrong. Afterwards the event OnDrawLeftMargin in TJvStandardMenuItemPainter gets a wrong Rect parameter.
Additional InformationOnly occures if "menu animation" in Windows system ("system control/display/design?(the tab next to settings)/effects") is turned on.

A solution could be changing the "TrackPopupMenu" WindowsAPI call in method "TJvPopupMenu.Popup" in the following way:

TrackPopupMenu(Items.Handle, Flags[UseRightToLeftAlignment, Alignment] or Buttons[TrackButton] or TPM_NOANIMATION, X, Y, 0, PopupList.Window, nil);
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2005-11-26 09:10

administrator   ~0008168

WindowFromDC does not always return 0. When drawing a menu, there is at least one time when it returns a valid handle. As such, the rectangle will be ok that time. What about I do not call DrawLeftMargin if WindowFromDC returned 0? That would change the code from this:

  // draw the margin, if any
  if LeftMargin > 0 then

to this:

  // draw the margin, if any
  if (LeftMargin > 0) and (CanvasWindow <> 0) then

This is ok with me, but what about you?


2005-11-30 01:33

reporter   ~0008177

That works wrong, too: In this case DrawLeftMargin will not be called, if the Menu pops up, because the CanvasWindow is 0 this time. Its only <> 0, if you move the mouse over an menu item.
So my Graphic will only drawed in the Rect of the single menu item:

procedure TMy.JvStandardMenuItemPainterDrawLeftMargin(
  Sender: TMenu; Rect: TRect);
  JvPopupMenu.Canvas.Draw(Rect.Left, Rect.Top, MyImage.Picture.Graphic);


2006-01-08 11:57

administrator   ~0008341

I've put some changes inside JvMenus that address this issue. See around line 2183 for the explanation.

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