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0003208JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-06-27 07:59
ReporterlacejediAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003208: JvTFAlarm1
DescriptionThe alarms do not appear to be triggering
Additional InformationAt an earlier point in time (either before a linked the diary back to a database and / or before upgrading from 3.00 RC1) I was able to ring a chime when an alarm triggered.

Now they are never triggering (in debug mode the OnAlarm event does not fire)

I cannot imagine what I have done which has caused this.

Any suggestion of help woulld be most appreciated.

Many thanks

Mike Leigh
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2005-09-21 08:44

reporter   ~0007952


I have discovered that something is clearing down the

JvTFAlarm.Resources to a null string (after having being initialised in code at start up.

Any ideas what events / procedures would cause this


2005-09-21 10:15

reporter   ~0007953

Moving the initialisation code means that always has the correct values but the alarms are still not firing


2005-09-22 08:35

reporter   ~0007962

I have spent some time looking at this and have determined the following


I have a linked JvTFDays, JvTFWeeks, JvTFMonths, JvTFDaysPrinter and JvTFAlarm linked to a to a JvTFScheduleManager


For the JvTFScheduleManager

AlwaysPost = False

RefreshAutoReconcile = True

SchedLoadMode = sImBatch

The following events are defined






The only code relating to the JvTFAlarm is

A procedure to load the resources

An OnAlarm event

The alarm is enabled

No alarms are triggering

I have added a button to inspect the properies of the JvTFAlarm at run time and find that

The resources are loaded as expecting, but the ScheduleCount is zero and remains so even when the new alarms are added.


I now have the alarms working

To do this I have had to

1) Code an OnNeedApts event fo the JvTFScheduleManager

EVEN THOUGH SchedLoadMode = sImBatch

2) After load the resource into the JvTFAlarm


JvTFScheduleManager1.RequestSchedule(JvTFAlarm1, Resource[X], Date());

for each resource

Any help would be appreciated


2006-04-04 02:48

administrator   ~0008853

Could you try with the latest sources?
If this is still working "strange", could you then post the zipped sources of a sample application here?


2006-06-08 02:57

administrator   ~0009437

Any news?

Latest version is here:


2006-06-27 07:58

administrator   ~0009692

No news, assuming this is fixed in the latest SVN:

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