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0003262JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-11-22 05:26
ReporterhegemoniacAssigned ToAHUser 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.10 
Summary0003262: dates aren't being bolded in calendar properly
DescriptionThe bolded dates in the calendar aren't refreshed properly until you use the left and right buttons to move months.

e.g. to reproduce:

1. Pop a TJvMonthCalendar2 component on a form. Resize it to show six months.
2. In the OnFormCreate event put in:
  TJvMonthCalendar21.Bold[2005, 10, 11] := True; //or whatever day
3. The date doesn't show in bold! but it does when you move months using the left and right buttons. Can't see a way to refresh this either.
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2005-10-11 16:28

developer   ~0008014

I can't reproduce this on Windows XP, shell version 6.0 (using Delphi 7), with JvCalendar.pas rev. 1.35 or rev. 1.36.

But this may be a shell version dependant problem.

You can determine your shell version by calling

  ShowMessage(IntToHex(GetShellVersion, 8));

GetShellVersion is a function from JvJCLUtils.pas. On my computer it then shows 00060000 (= version 6.0).

Do you have another shell version, revision of JvCalendar.pas, etc.?

If you have the same stuff, could you make a demo application and upload it to this bug report.


2005-10-11 19:07

reporter   ~0008015

I got version 3 of JVCL from source forge, which has a JvCalendar.pas dated 18/2/2005 (v1.31?). I'll see if I can download a later version of this file from sourceforge and test. Is there a recommended way of getting a newer version of this file?


2005-10-11 19:18

reporter   ~0008016

I've just downloaded the latest daily build and it's still the same date/time stamp as before. Is there any way I can get your version of the JvCalendar.pas?


2005-10-11 19:20

reporter   ~0008017

Oh yeah, and I checked the shell version and it is version 6.0 as well. I'm using WindowsXP with Delphi 5.


2005-10-16 02:14

reporter   ~0008034

Hi Remkobonte,

I haven't heard anything in the last few days. Any ideas on this issue? I've got a fairly tight deadline and was hoping that the JvMonthCalendar2 component would put me over the line.



2005-10-16 02:24

developer   ~0008035

For me it works under WinXP with Delphi 5.

Could you attach a compilable (minimal) example project, that shows the effect?

2005-10-17 16:38


Jedi.rar (1,448 bytes)


2005-10-17 16:39

reporter   ~0008038


I've uploaded a test application, along with comments in the source code of things that aren't happening.


2005-10-18 04:28

developer   ~0008039

Fixed in CVS.

Delphi 5's TStrings/TStringList is implemented different. So the control was not updated correctly.


2005-11-01 20:28

reporter   ~0008073

I've downloaded the latest source (jvCalendar is now 1.40), but the same issues are still there. Is there anything special I have to do? And like my test program highlights, the multiple bolded dates in a single month is still only bolding the first date and ignoring the rest.


2005-11-02 06:46

developer   ~0008074

Have you recompiled the packages (jvcl3\makemodified.bat) ?

I have attached a screenshot showing that the days are bold on my PC.

2005-11-02 06:46


JvCalendar.png (26,167 bytes)
JvCalendar.png (26,167 bytes)


2005-11-03 15:31

reporter   ~0008076

I've run the make modified and everything is good! thanks a lot for your help.

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