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0003432JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-01-10 02:02
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Product Version3.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.20 
Summary0003432: TJVTabBar Not focussing on the tab properly
DescriptionI have a simple MDI setup utilizing the JVTabBar as a document tab listing. Each of the document forms have a JVTabBarItem component. When the document is created it is added to the main tabbar. This works alright with no problems. The problem I am having is when the document gains focus the idea is to make the appropriate tab active. So in the FormActivate event I have

fTab.Selected := True;

That did select the tab but doesn't bring it into focus. So if there's enough tabs to exceed the length of the tab bar and the one your clicking on isn't visible it doesn't automaticly scroll to the proper place.

Oddly enough this only happens if your going to a lower tab. Ie say you are on tab 30 and you go to tab 0 it won't scroll so tab 0 is visible. But if your on tab 0 and select the document associated with tab 30 it will scroll so tab 30 is visible.

There is some scrolling but only about 1-2 tabs. So say I'm on tab 30 and the first visible tab is 24 and I click select the document associated with tab 0 then tab 22 would become visible. But tab 0 would not. I've looked at the source code and played around a little bit but havn't had any luck yet.

Perhaps this is just a problem on my machine. I've created a small demo application showing it which is attached.


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2006-01-10 02:02

developer   ~0008358

Fixed in CVS.

The MakeVisible method was missing the left scrolling code.

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