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0003514JEDI VCL03 Donationspublic2006-05-04 01:16
Reporterivan_raAssigned Toremkobonte 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003514: Fixed JvInterpreter example (Pas2Rai2)
DescriptionPas2Rai2 example (from Examples\Ralib\Pas2Rai2) is "uncompilable", because can't find function "SubStr".
But this is not only example, this is key application for using custom functions, classes, ect. with JvInterpreter.
I have fixed this trouble plus add Form Storage support as it was in original RAI2 library. There also was wrong converted russian resources in version info. Now they are cleared.

And this is one unsolved problem. Pas2Rai2 application requeres "classes.ini" file. It placed in "Examples\Ralib\Pas2Rai2" folder, but compiled application is placed in BIN folder. So, application can't find "Classes.ini" file and works not completely right.
To fix this problem "Classes.ini" file must be copied into BIN directory on JVCL install or on compilation of all examples or manually (need some instructions for JVCL user)
Additional InformationFixed files are in archieve
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has duplicate 0003582 resolvedremkobonte The ralib example can't compile 


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2006-02-15 02:27

developer   ~0008560

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Ups. Fix was uncomplete. Complete is

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2006-03-20 09:19

developer   ~0008705

More about 2'nd problem:
Other Interpreter examples (RaInterpreter, RaInterpreterDynamicLoad, RaInterpreterEndUser) will not work too - all of them require .ini files and subfolders from they source path.

RaInterpreterMDI is standard MDI application illustrating old and already fixed bug (RaLib v1.61). There is no need to public this example


2006-04-13 02:53

administrator   ~0009084

Remko, any news?


2006-05-04 01:16

developer   ~0009252

It seems already fixed in SVN. MDI application also illustrates 0003666

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