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0003558JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-04-29 07:14
ReporterPavel VozenilekAssigned ToAHUser 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003558: Missing entry point in 3.20 JvCoreC6R.bpl prevents loading by BCB IDE
DescriptionBCB Enterprise 6.4 (+speed fix by Andreas Hausladen)

3.10 (complete: JCL + JVCL) installed and populated palette OK (with exception of several packages) and worked.

3.20 (complete: JCL + JVCL) compiles OK but when BCB IDE starts I get error: entrypoint


not found in JvCoreC6R.bpl for most of the packages. The palette loads only few (~4) JEDI packages. Tried several times, always the same result.

After uninstall reinstalled 3.10 - compilation OK and with the few already mentioned exceptions the palette is populated.
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Pavel Vozenilek

2006-03-05 17:04

reporter   ~0008628

Before I installed 3.20 the 3.10 was completely uninstalled, so I do not think the two versions got mixed.


2006-03-09 16:50

developer   ~0008635

> BCB Enterprise 6.4 (+speed fix by Andreas Hausladen)
Better use the term "bcc32pch" because I first had to think what "JVCL speed fix" I should have written. ;-)

The old mechanism for compiling BCB packages sometimes forgot to update some packages if you do not use the "Build packages" option in the installer. This changes with the newest version (CVS/daily snapshot, requires JCL CVS/daily snapshot) which is far superior to the old installer.

Pavel Vozenilek

2006-03-09 17:05

reporter   ~0008637

The problem occured even when I checked the "build" option. I may try the CVS version however it would take some time as I need to reinstall the BCB completely and have heavily "customized" version.


2006-04-05 08:25

administrator   ~0009002

Any news?

Martin Kvoch

2006-04-24 03:21

reporter   ~0009175

Last edited: 2006-04-24 03:40

I have the same problem with Delphi6 IDE during starting it.
Before this, I've performed the complete uninstalling of the old JCL and JVCL and install newest ones (i.e. APR-23-2006) with "Build packages" checked.

An example of error message:
The entry point of procedure @Jvcomponent@TJvForm@ShowModal$qqrv is not found in dynamically linked library JvCoreD6R.bpl

Please, help me.
Thank you.

Martin Kvoch

2006-04-28 02:35

reporter   ~0009195

Reminder sent to: AHUser, obones

may anybody have a look at issue#3558 ?
Thanks in advance


2006-04-28 02:45

administrator   ~0009196

Well, I told the original poster to use the latest CVS (now SVN) version or a daily zip ( and he has not reported back.
On top of this, it oes work at my place, and I seriously suspect you have leftover dcp/bpl/bpi/lib files from the previous JVCL installation.
So cleanup your setup, try with the latest daily zip and it will work

Martin Kvoch

2006-04-29 01:49

reporter   ~0009200

you was right!
After deinstallation, some of old debug bpls was "hidden" in $DELPHI\bin.

For now, all is OK. You may mark this issue resolved.
Thank you


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