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0003604JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-03-22 12:28
ReporterJohnMLAssigned To 
Status closedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.20 
Summary0003604: JvTipOfDay doesn't work anymore
DescriptionMy PC: Delphi 5 Pro on a Win2K Computer

after i installed JVCL 3.20 "JVCL320CompleteJCL197-Build2172.7z" the component TJvTipOfDay doesn't show up anymore at design and runtime.

Error message Delphi 5 Pro: "Ressource TJvForm not found"

Error message from Delphi 7 if you ry to compile : "[Fatal Error] Unit1.pas(8): Unit JvButton was compiled with a different version of JvThemes.ThemeServices "

To reproduce the error just put a JvTipOfDay on your Form and rightclick "Preview"

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duplicate of 0003537 resolvedobones JvTipOfDay is broken in 1.36 and OK in 1.35 



2006-03-22 05:26

reporter   ~0008715

sorry that's a duplicate of 0003537

How can i delete this errorreport ?


2006-03-22 12:28

developer   ~0008717

Duplicate of 0003537

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