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0003610JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-04-14 06:01
ReportercfzwitAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003610: Fixed error in "GetValues" method for JvMemoryData
DescriptionHi !!!

I change this method (GetValues), becuase produce an variant conversion error.
This is the complete source ( ONLY IN "GetValues" METHOD !!! )

function TJvMemoryData.GetValues(FldNames: string = ''): Variant;
  List : TList;
  I: Integer;
  Result := Null;
  if FldNames = '' then
    FldNames := FKeyFieldNames;
  If FldNames = '' Then Exit;

  If Pos(';',FldNames) > 0 Then
    List := TList.Create;
    Result := VarArrayCreate([0, List.Count - 1], varVariant);
    for I := 0 to List.Count - 1 do
      Result[I] := TField(List[I]).Value;
    Result := VarArrayCreate([0,0],VarVariant);
    Result[0] := FieldByName(FldNames).Value;

Please, change this routine into the CVS (JvMemoryData.Pas) in the JEDI site.

Thank You !!!
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2006-04-13 02:52

administrator   ~0009083

What's the point of this change?
What was the problem it is supposed to fix?
Please provide a sample application showing the problem, AFTR you have tried with the latest JVCL.


2006-04-13 04:50

reporter   ~0009087

>> What's the point of this change?
1)Into the method "GetValues", I eliminate the auxiliar routine "FldsNamesToStrList", and use the method "GetFieldList" from the ancestor class TDataset.
2) If the returned value IS ONLY FOR ONE FIELD, I return a Variant Array ( [0,0] ) with the field <-- In previous version, I return a Variant without array.

>> What was the problem it is supposed to fix?
This method, is used into the method "ApplyChanges", I Get the key values of the records changed and try LOCATE the record in the original Dataset before apply the changes. With BDE and IBX the actual version not have problems, but with other ( ADO, DBISam, DBX, etc ) the locate method of Dataset crashed, IF THE RETURNED VALUE IS ONLY ONE FIELD, because is NOT content into a ARRAY of variant.

>> Please provide a sample application showing the problem, AFTR you have tried with the latest JVCL
This bug haved revelead for an colega, (not work with BDE/IBX) and I not have the source code. Sorry.

Thank You for your feedbak !!!


2006-04-14 06:01

administrator   ~0009108

Thanks, this is now in CVS.

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