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0003636JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-04-26 00:50
ReporterkorecekAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003636: TJvStandardMenuItemPainter problem
DescriptionWe have a problem with Images in tray PopUp menu (maybe in popUp menu
generally - I am not sure) in connection with a TJvStandardMenuItemPainter

There are following condition here:
1. WinXP
2. BCB6 Pro or BCB6 Ent.
3. Tray PopUp menu use also Images component.

A. If we use TJvStandardMenuItemPainter or any other "Menu Painter" and we set
   its LeftMargin to non-zero value we can see that the top and bottom Image in
   popUp tray menu are same. Bug???

B. If we set LeftMargin to zero we can see different top and bottom images in
   tray popUp menu. Waht we want. Good.

It seems to me as a bug...
Additional InformationThe attached example and pictures describe the problem.

Example is in BCB6 and there is also some comment how to work with.
There are two pictures which demonstrate the problem.

All is zipped in one file.
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2006-04-13 10:52

administrator   ~0009095

Ok, I'm seing this with Delphi as well. I've uploaded the sample application I'm using to test this. What's most annoying is that it seems the painter is not completely called when the left margin is set. This can be seen with the OfficePainter where the background square is not drawn.
I'm still investigating.


2006-04-13 13:57

administrator   ~0009098

This is now fixed in CVS.


2006-04-21 09:02

reporter   ~0009167

Hi Olivier,
I have no long time possibility to download latest source.
Today I downloaded all sources JCL+JVCL (SVN).

I detected following problem which arose by setting of
LeftMargin in design time:
1. If I set LeftMargin to non-zero value in design time, I've
   got AV's in form constructor after application is started.
   (After compilation - certainly)
2. Also there is AV showed if I open project in IDE (when
   LefftMargin is set to non-zero value)
3. If I set LeftMargin in runtime there is not AV showed.
1. Here is BCB6.
2. Comment-out code in constructor of BCB6 example.
3. Set LeftMargin to 20 for example.
4. Compile an application and start it.
5. The AV should be showed during starting of appl.



2006-04-26 00:50

administrator   ~0009186

Please create A NEW issue, leave that one fixed.
One problem = One issue.

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