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0003641JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-04-30 06:50
ReporterkratsiAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.20 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003641: TJvTransparentButton is not transparent when clicked
DescriptionI have a problem with transparency in a TJvTransparentButton - during runtime, when I click a button it always shows the background that is not transparent. I tried to compile a demo included in the release - the same, background of the button is not transparent. Is this a correct behavior? I want to have a bitmap on the button and the rest of the button to remain transparent all the time not only when in an active state. I have downloaded the Megademo and buttons there are as I want them - showing only bitmaps all the time without the rest of the button. I attach a sample - click on the button : it is no longer transparent.
Proposed fix:
In procedure DrawTheBitmap in line 1184 change a line:

if (bsMouseInside in MouseStates) and ((bsMouseDown in MouseStates) or Down) then


if (bsMouseInside in MouseStates) and ((bsMouseDown in MouseStates) or Down) and not Transparent then

Now it works!

I don't know - maybe I do something wrong?
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2006-04-15 12:28


Project2.exe (497,152 bytes)


2006-04-18 01:02

administrator   ~0009129

Please provide a zip file with the sources, the exe file is of no direct use to us.


2006-04-18 01:27

reporter   ~0009131

Sure. Here it is. The problem is just below the line with a comment {Norris} in function DrawTheBitmap. It draws a rectangle just before drawing the bitmap, when mouse is in the down state. Thats why I added not Transparent condition.

2006-04-18 01:28 (349,319 bytes)


2006-04-19 03:15

administrator   ~0009140

Thanks, this is now fixed in SVN.


2006-04-27 05:37

administrator   ~0009191

Note: the fix was removed, its impacts were too great. If you want the desired effect, set the FrameStyle property to fsRegular.


2006-04-27 07:44

developer   ~0009193

The suggested fix works very well. The comment from Olivier (obones) is the reflect of my own stupidity. I'm really sorry.

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