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0003690JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-06-07 03:51
ReporterahesseAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003690: TJvOutlookBarPage: Support for properties - tag, name
DescriptionAdd properties tag and name to TJvOutlookBarPage, so it could be used the same way as a TComponent.

Please add following code to TJvOutlookBarPage:

  FName: string;
  FTag: integer;
  procedure SetName(const Value: string);
  property Name: string read FName write SetName;
  property Tag: integer read FTag write FTag;


procedure TJvOutlookBarPage.SetName(const Value: string);
  if FName <> Value then begin
    FName := Value;
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2006-05-09 01:16

administrator   ~0009260

I'm not too sure about this. TJvOutlookBarPage is a TCollectionItem and I can't recall any collection item ever having a name or a tag. If we were to do this for this one, why not for the others?


2006-05-20 09:08

reporter   ~0009324

For me the OutlookBar is of Type Menu, but only contains one Level.
Menu's with Items.

I need an ID for every level (here: Page) to identify the object.
Normally I identify an object by name, sometimes with some extra information in the tag.

In the moment there is no property for this purpose.
So I add name and tag and can use it without knowing the type of the object.


2006-05-21 03:51

administrator   ~0009328

Ok, I understand it better. Adding Name and/or Tag is not desirable, the common and recommended way to do this is to use a linked object, through the LinkedObject property. I propose to add this property.


2006-05-21 08:33

reporter   ~0009330

Not really.
I create Menu's with an abstract factory pattern, partly based on property names.

So here is the structure comparing for menus:

dock panel

outlook bar


All those structures are created dynamically from the same configuration file, based on needings of the application.

If the feature is not possible than I have to maintain my source code changes.

The basic problem with all TCollectionItems is and was how to identify the object.


2006-05-21 09:10

administrator   ~0009331

The feature is definitely possible, but via a linked object:

(OutlookPage.LinkedObject as TWhateverClassYouNeed).Name := PageName

This "linked object" approach is much more consistent with the rest of the JVCL and allows for greater flexibility.


2006-06-07 03:50

administrator   ~0009407

The LinkedObject property has been added to the TJvOutlookBarPage class

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