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0003708JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2006-05-19 12:32
ReportergoodboyAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.20 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003708: JEDI Installer
DescriptionUnable to open key "SOFTWARE\Borland\BDS\3.0\Personalities" for read.
Additional InformationI am trying to install in DELPHI 7 and it always gives this error.
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2006-05-17 06:21

administrator   ~0009315

This can have the following reasons:

1. You installed Delphi 2005, removed it, but it was not cleaned properly
2. There is another component set or tool that added this key, despite D2005 not being installed.

In both cases, edit the registry and remove the offending SOFTWARE\Borland\BDS\3.0 key. You could also use the daily version ( which I believe works around this problem.
Note that if it's reason 2, we would like to know the name of the set/tool that did this.


2006-05-18 05:53

reporter   ~0009316

I believe that it was accurately this that happened, I uninstall Delphi 2005 and the cited key (SOFTWARE\Borland\BDS\3.0), was not removed. Later that I removed the key of the register the installation functioned perfectly.


Luiz André


2006-05-19 12:32

administrator   ~0009320

It was a JCL issue that has been fixed for few weeks.

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