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0003752JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-06-09 01:19
ReporterKiriakosAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.20 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003752: JvDocking LoadDockTreeFromAppStorage error
DescriptionWith JvDockVSNetStyle with a few forms docked in a TabHost you close one of them either using the mouse or via code (HideDockForm) and save the layout. When loading the layout again with LoadDockTreeFromAppStorage the form you closed (hidden) becomes visible and docked in the original tab host.

I do not know whether this bug affects other styles.
Additional InformationSteps to replicate:

- Open in Delphi the AdvancePro JvDocking Demo.
- Change the DockStyle to JvDockVSNetStyle.
- Run the demo
- Create 3 VS Net style windows and dock them in TabHost on one of the sides
- Close one of the 3 windows
- Save the layout to Ini file (menu option)
- Load the layout from Ini file (menu option)
All three forms appear docked in the tabhost.
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2006-06-08 21:04

reporter   ~0009501

The problem stems from the following code in JvDockControlForm.pas

procedure TJvDockTabPageControl.SaveToStream(Stream: TStream);

      if (Self is TJvDockVSNETTabPageControl) and (ParentForm.HostDockSite is TJvDockPanel) then
        SheetVisible := Integer(TJvDockVSNETTabSheet(Pages[I]).OldVisible)
        SheetVisible := SheetVisible + Integer(CurrentControl.Visible);

When ones closes a form docked in a TabHost OldVisible does not get reset to False and when you save the layout the corresponded SheetVisible information is recorded as True.


2006-06-08 21:07

reporter   ~0009502


In file JvDockVSNetStyle.pas:
procedure TJvDockVSNetStyle.SetDockFormVisible(ADockClient: TJvDockClient;
  AVisible: Boolean);

Replace the following two lines

  if not Assigned(Channel) then


  if not Assigned(Channel) then
    if ADockClient.ParentForm.Parent is TJvDockVSNETTabSheet then
      TJvDockVSNETTabSheet(ADockClient.ParentForm.Parent).OldVisible := AVisible;

I have tested this solution and it does appear to work without any side effects.


2006-06-09 01:19

administrator   ~0009505

This is now in SVN.

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