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0003758JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-06-19 07:46
ReporterRhaddamantAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.20 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003758: JvBase.dcu not found
Descriptionafter instalation of JCL & JVCL 3.20 on a system with Delphi 7 & 2006 installed when attempting to use some components i got compilation error 'Cannot find JvBase.dcu'. i didn't manage to find JvBase.pas.

what would you advise me?
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2006-06-09 08:41

administrator   ~0009556

Which file requires this?
Which component?
And have you looked around for old versions of the JVCL and/or other components?


2006-06-09 11:42

reporter   ~0009560

for example dropping a TJvTrayIcon component on a form leads to this message. i have to say that the error is about JclBase.dcu, not for JvBase.dcu. i found JclBase.pas in JCL source folder but i cannot compile it alone.

no, i didn't try with old version of JCL or JVCL.


2006-06-10 04:27

administrator   ~0009562

Did you run the installer for the JCL before the one for the JVCL?
If yes, what happens if you run it again?
You should have the JclBase.dcu along with many other dcu files in the jcl\lib\dX folder and that path added to your IDE search path.
If you unchecked the "Make library units" option in the JCL installer, then you have to add jcl\source\ jcl\source\common jcl\source\windows and jcl\source\vcl into the above mentionned search path.


2006-06-13 05:40

reporter   ~0009582

i run JCL installer first.
actually, i repeated installation a few times and uninstalled each time before new attempt. i took a look in folders you mentioned but no jclbase.dcu there, also i added source paths to ide and... nothing.
furthermore, when i install JVCL 3.20 for D 2006 i got message incompatible JCL version?!


2006-06-16 10:56

administrator   ~0009594

Please try with the daily versions:

And also, please be sure you do not have an old JCL/JVCL version somewhere on your harddrive.


2006-06-19 06:07

reporter   ~0009602

thank you, i solved the problem as i installed JCL & JVCL in defalut folders nevertheless i don't consider it's fine, both should be in Borland directory not in My Documents but however it's not so meaningful problem...

just to ask - is it normal D2006 command line compiler to show me warnings "Depreciate Symbol xxx"? for some reason installers used D2006 comand line compiler for D7 too.


2006-06-19 07:46

administrator   ~0009604

Yes, the "deprecated" messages are expected.
As to using the latest available compiler, this is only true for compiling the installers. The appropriate one is used when compiling the actual library.

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