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0003778JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-06-28 02:24
ReporterbungleheadAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003778: Docking package Tab Images bug (VID and NET Style)
DescriptionVID and derived NET styles show wrong tab images. For example, if
you have docked forms in a tab host, and
some of them don't have assigned icons (but at least one other has) tab images
are drawed for all forms.

The reason is wrong default ImageIndex property value of TJvDockTabSheet (JvDockSupportControl.pas).
Zero value can't be used as default cause it's a valid index of a TImageList,
as assigned in DockDrop routines (TJvDockVIDTabPageControl.DockDrop for example).
Additional InformationThe solution is quite simple (tested both on VID and NET styles):

constructor TJvDockTabSheet.Create(AOwner: TComponent);
  inherited Create(AOwner);
  Align := alClient;
  ControlStyle := ControlStyle + [csAcceptsControls, csNoDesignVisible];
  Visible := False;
  FTabVisible := True;
  FHighlighted := False;
  //new line
  FImageIndex := -1;

And the default value of property:

property ImageIndex: TImageIndex read FImageIndex write SetImageIndex default -1 {was zero};
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2006-06-24 13:56

reporter   ~0009635 method needs update (I forgot) in unit JvDockVIDStyle.pas:

function TJvDockVIDTabPageControl.CustomUnDock(Source: TJvDockDragDockObject;
  NewTarget: TWinControl; Client: TControl): Boolean;
  CurrPage: TJvDockTabSheet;
  I: Integer;
  if not ((Source.Control.HostDockSite <> nil) and
    (Source.DropOnControl = Source.Control.HostDockSite.Parent) and
    (Source.DropAlign = alClient)) then
    CurrPage := GetPageFromDockClient(Client);
    if CurrPage <> nil then
      //if (FTabImageList <> nil) and ShowTabImages and
      // (FTabImageList.Count > CurrPage.ImageIndex) then
      //to prevent AV condition is splitted
      if Assigned(FTabImageList) then
        if ShowTabImages and
           (FTabImageList.Count > CurrPage.ImageIndex) and
           (CurrPage.ImageIndex >= 0){condition of valid icon assignement} then
        for I := 0 to Count - 1 do
          if Pages[I].ImageIndex > CurrPage.ImageIndex then
            Pages[I].ImageIndex := Pages[I].ImageIndex - 1;
    Result := inherited CustomUnDock(Source, NewTarget, Client);
    Result := True;

Now it's working..

2006-06-25 06:40 (68,078 bytes)


2006-06-25 06:41

reporter   ~0009637

Last edited: 2006-06-25 10:42

found the same bug with TJvDockVSPane..Icons are mixed in hide state of tabhost

The simply way is to create a transparent icon in TJvDockVSBlock.AddPane
when docking form hasn't it:


TJvDockVSBlock.AddPane; (JvDockVSNetStyle.pas)
TJvDockTabSheet.Create; (JvDockSupportControl.pas)

2006-06-25 10:44 (68,150 bytes)


2006-06-26 06:43

administrator   ~0009645

The changes are in, except for those applying to JvDockVSNetStyle because of this question:
Will the handle created by CreateIcon be freed sometime? If not, there is a resource leak here.
And also, please leave the Icon = nil test (in a "or" statement) and create your new versions against SVN:


2006-06-28 02:24

administrator   ~0009704

I just checked, the icon will be destroyed by TIcon, so this is fine.
Changes are in SVN.

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