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0003846JEDI VCLInstallationpublic2006-08-30 07:45
ReporterlacejediAssigned Toobones 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003846: After installing new version cannot compile old code
DescriptionCompiling my app genetates the following message

Unit JvCaptionButton was compiled with a different version of JvThemes.TThemedElementDetails

Code snippet from UnitUtils

unit UnitUtils;


uses DB, Dialogs, SysUtils, ExtCtrls, Controls, Graphics, DBCtrls,
     DBGrids, Forms, StdCtrls, DBXGrid, Buttons, ComCtrls, CommCtrl, Types,
     Windows, PageControlX, NdbAsaDS, VirtualDBTreeEx, JvCaptionButton;

  procedure LinkForm(index: integer; Form: TCustomForm;
                     const CaptionButtons: array of TJvCaptionButton);
  procedure SetCaptions(const CaptionButtons: array of TJvCaptionButton);

Additional InformationHad some problems resulting in a complere reinstallation of Delphi7 and various 3rd party components

All was fine except above problem

Removed all Jedi and Jcl code, source files etc and installed Jcl and Jedi from toays files (31/7/2006) have aslo cleaned registry etc and deleted all dcu's from my own app

Still getting the above message

Before the reinstallation of Delphi Jvcl 3.10 was installed, worked ok until the reinstallation of delphi.

Have verified that there is only

One JvCaptionButton.pas (and dcu) on my machine, ditto JvThemes all dated today after the installation run.

Need urgent help as application development is halted

The strange thing is a new project with just a JvCaptionButton on the form compiles ok.

Many thanks

Mike Leigh

Lacegem Ltd
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2006-07-31 11:25

administrator   ~0009926

Wrong library, I move this issue to the JVCL side of this mantis


2006-08-01 01:53

administrator   ~0009928

Then you have an old DCU file from the JVCL somewhere on your hard drive.
Actually, remove any DCU files from the JVCL and try again.


2006-08-30 07:45

administrator   ~0010042

No answers, assuming this is fixed

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